Welcome to SoBou

May 17 2011 | BarBar's Events

How does the brain trust of the Commander’s Family of Restaurants create a casual, come as you are, spirited restaurant? The answer is SoBou – our version of a modern Creole saloon. It's the kind of joint with serious food, wine, and cocktails, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Take a look at our logo – we have an elephant! And while some have questioned the potential political meaning behind him (it is an election year after all), we say – just look at him. He’s pink, he has a cocktail, and he has that “I just did something slightly naughty” grin on his face. BarBar - as he has come to be known - is the life of the party, he has plans, and you can join him at any point along the way. Not to mention, pink elephants, especially those on parade, have long been associated with those who have had an especially celebratory evening – or day since we are in the French Quarter!

SoBou has a little something for everyone, whether you are a family looking for great meal that won’t break the bank, a group of friends who want to catch the football game at their own beer table, or a couple looking for a special dinner that’s not too stuffy – the possibilities are endless! Our innovative, modern Creole and Southern menu has something that will appeal to all ($1 cracklin’ anyone?), hand crafted original cocktails that can’t be found anywhere else, 30 different wines by the glass – some of which are available in our self-serve wine machines, 200 wines available by the bottle, beer taps in the tables in our indoor beer garden, a Bar Chef table, a hidden courtyard, and even parking.

Stop by, give us your best BarBar grin, take in all we have to offer, and don’t forget - life is meant to be lived, not endured!