SoBou's Literary and Drinking Round Table

October 30 2015 | BarBar's Events

SoBou Booze & Book Club: A Literary Round Table

When: Every Third Thursday from 6-7pm

Why: Here's why -

Creation is art, and we fill our designs with our own meanings. The exercise of creating meaning, through symbols, is as exciting in a cocktail as in a story. If there are sketches about poems and movies that influence music, dresses inspired by paintings and sculptures affected by plays, why couldn’t I make cocktails about books? This was the idea that gave my cocktail program its second layer.

  I’ve been writing since I could hold a crayon, from staple-bound printer paper covered in Crayola scrawl to work-shopped poetry pieces while I pursued a degree in Publishing. I’ve also been reading, and the deliciously tepid climate of the south spoils me with long hours to idle outside with a book when it is far too hot to do anything else. New Orleans is a city for writers and readers, from Ann Rice to Tennessee Williams, and the people here are always hungry for new art to appreciate.

Although I’m newer to libations than literature, I have a wealth of experience cooking, writing, and making art, and I want to share my ideas and hear the perspectives of others. I am so pleased to be starting a book club at SoBou, because I think the fusion of art and cocktails is one of the finest pairings. I also deeply enjoy the simple joy of socializing, which is at the heart of every beloved bar. I hope for the round table to be both an adventure of new flavors, and a celebration of local creators and creative types. I’m not demanding a highbrow scholastic affair, just some delightful stimulation for the taste buds and the mind, in a lively setting that calls upon the history of bars as Public Houses where ideas, knowledge, and banter are exchanged. - Laura Bellucci, Bar Chef


Laura and guest at our very first Round Table.