Mardi Gras Monkeys and Cotton Candy

January 28 2016 | BarBar's Events

We love Mardi Gras season at SoBou. We're only three blocks from Canal Street so we welcome parade goers before and after many parades. While we love watching our guests enjoy Thoth Sunday and Lundi Gras in our restaurant and bar, it's also nice when we get to take a day off during carnival season. Everyone deserves to enjoy Mardi Gras!

One of Chef Juan Carlos' favorite things about Mardi Gras is Pancho, his Mardi Gras monkey. Chef sets Pancho outside his home during carnival season and watches as revelers adorn Pancho with new items every day. Dollar bills, beads, boas, and featheres - Pancho wears it all! 

Mardi Gras Monkey
Pancho the Mardi Gras Monkey

And, here's Bar Chef Laura watching Muses, her favorite parade, last year. She and her bartender friends make jugs of sangria with frozen fruit and then all meet up on the route where designated friends have been holding the spot for hours. They spin their own cotton candy and bring that along to keep up their energy to catch those shoes! 

Laura and her cotton candy on the parade route.