Laura Bellucci, our New Brain Behind the Bar

September 29 2015 | BarBar's Events

We'd like to introduce you to Laura Bellucci, our new lead bartender and literary brain behind the bar. This literature major and avid reader is dreaming up new cocktails inspired by her favorite authors, characters and intellectuals of our time and the past. Sit down with her to hear a story, learn the history behind a cocktail and sip a balanced and inventive drink at our bar.

Look for Laura's monthly "Behind the Bar" blogs with stories about new cocktails and her Literary and Drinking Round Table book club on the third Thursday of every month. 

Lead Bartender Laura Bellucci

Laura's Background:

Growing up in Massachusetts in an energetic family with an Italian father from Long Island and a Midwestern mother who was a pastor’s daughter, Laura Bellucci’s upbringing was a lively mixture of Marinara Sauce, excited yelling, and sneaking out of church early. Her grandmother and parents all had a powerful influence in her love of the culinary world, teaching her every recipe in their lexicon as soon as she was tall enough to stand on a step stool.

After a few years in ice cream and bagel shops, Laura found an apprenticeship with the head pastry chef of the Black Dog Co. on Martha’s Vineyard, where she learned to truly respect the genuine patience and dedication it takes to succeed in the food and beverage industry. She found her first beverage industry home at Flash’s Cocktails, a funky, retro regulars’ spot in Boston’s blustery downtown. She quickly made her way behind the bar, continuing to work weekends while pursuing a Writing, Literature and Publishing degree at Emerson College. Finally fed up with Boston winter, she left Flash's for a 50-day road trip to 15 different cities before finally landing in New Orleans. 

She first worked at Victory bar, crafting drinks with an equal focus on balanced recipes and fresh ingredients and learning to tailor each drink to the imbiber’s tastes. Later, she joined the Booty's Street Food team, exploring international ingredients to surprise and intrigue the palate. She was then offered a bar management position at Apolline, where she directed a program based on excellent service and elegant libations, served up beside some of Magazine Street's best reviewed food in an intimate, fine dining atmosphere. Still craving the boisterous character of a “down town,” she sought out SoBou in February, 2015 and her adventures in the French Quarter truly began. She has come to roost at this quirky, modern Creole “spirited restaurant,” exploring and experimenting in an environment that fosters sophisticated yet unpretentious creativity.

With a literary backbone and a flare for the culinary, what Laura loves to do, above all else, is create; and this applies to every aspect of life - from cocktails, to poems, to menus, to new relationships, to a surprising and memorable guest experience. Laura sees the bar as a place to escape the orderliness of life and cocktails as vehicles to transport its sipper away from the mundane.