BarPreneurs: A great, big idea

February 10 2014 | BarBar's Events

Our very first BarPreneurs event was held Friday during lunch hour. Based on the idea that many great ideas start on the back of a cocktail napkin somewhere, we pulled together nine budding Nola entrepreneurs and put them in front of an expert team for a successful  and fun lunch-hour entrepreneur event.

The nine "pitchers" gave their one-minute appeals for why their ideas were the best. Our BarPreneur team, made up of Entrepreneurs and Investors J. Anthony Miguez and Chris Mangum and Attorney Ted George, listened to the first round of pitches before narrowing it down to three lucky finalists: DeAnna, Brian and Chris. DeAnna will be bringing improved healthcare to the world soon, Brian is founder of Bloom Box Farms and Chris is creating a talk show for men only. 

The BarPreneur team gave each finalist three minutes to convince the team that their idea was the best, and then they picked a winner. This time, Brian from Bloom Box Farms won lunch with the BarPreneurs and the opportunity for priceless advice from real entrepreneurs and business experts. 

Sound interesting? Join us for our next BarPreneurs event Friday, March 7. If you would like to pitch an idea, email Sam Fritz at

View our winner's pitch. 

J. Anthony Miguez

Our featured BarPreneur J. Anthony Miguez


Our entrepreneurs getting ready to pitch.

Waiting Room

The "waiting room."

BarPreneurs crowd

BarPreneurs attracted a small crowd.

BarPreneurs Round 2

Chris gives his pitch in Round 2.

BarPreneur Winner

J. Anthony Miguez, Ted George, our winner Brian Guidry and Chris Mangum.

BarPreneurs lunch

Brian takes advantage of his time with the experts.