Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu 


try a few, they're meant to be shared

Soup du Jour     8

Varied cooking techniques. Farm fresh produce

Gumbo du Jour     8

Slow cooked stock with fresh local ingredients. Creole spiced mashed potatoes

Pork Cracklin'     1

Crispy pork skin... it is what it is

*Yellowfin Tuna Cones     8

Pineapple ceviche & basil avocado ice cream

*Pear & Pickled Grape Salad     7

           Calvados blanched pears. Citrus infused mascarpone, candied walnuts & local honey vinaigrette

Sweet Potato Beignets     6

Foie gras fondue & chicory coffee ganache 

Crispy Boudin Balls     4

Pickled okra mustard

Red Beans & Rice    7

Smoky red bean purée. Dirty rice wontons

Smoky Oysters en Escabeche     6

F'rose granita on the half shell

*Louisiana Seafood Tamale     8

Louisiana boiled shrimp & oysters. corn maque choux. crispy Creole-spiced masa. Crystal hot sauce aioli 


When you want something for yourself

*Louisiana Geaux Fish & Heirloom Tomatoes     23

Blackened Heirloom tomatoes, grilled sweet corn, pea tendrils, smoked tomato consomme

*Foie Gras Burger     24

Brioche bun, sunny-side up egg, duck bacon, foie gras fondue, foie gras ice cream root beer float

*Wagyu Hanger Steak a la Plancha     29

Snake River Farms beef, confit garlic & onion, drunken wild mushroom butter

*Chicken on the Bone     17

Four drumettes of fried chicken confit. Creole seasonal salad, guava jelly

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Braised Short Rib     22

Bourbon glazed local watermelon, red onion jam, Gorgonzola Dolce

*Louisiana Shrimp of Ajillo    25

        a la plancha with confit garlic. citrus & Leidenheimer bread 

Crispy Whole Fish (for two)     48

Fresh Louisiana gulf fish. Seasonal greens. Crystal hot sauce aioli 

Surf and Turf Steam Buns (for two)     38

24-hour smoked cochon de lait, crispy fried Louisiana oysters, cilantro & coconut slaw, Tabasco infused pineapple 

Chuletas Can-Can (for two)       54

Pork bacon chop, andouille dirty rice. Saffron pickled apples. 



to share...or not!   

Cherries Jubilee & White Chocolate Bread Pudding     8

House made vanilla bean ice cream (please allow 25 minutes)

Chocolate Coma Bar     9

Dark chocolate fudge brownie, white chocolate mousse, salted caramel & candied pecans covered in milk chocolate ganache 

Pecan Pie, Not Pie     7

Chocolate covered cracklin' & peanut butter whipped cream 


*Pear & Pickled Grape Salad

            Calvados blanched pears, citrus-infused mascarpone, candied walnuts & local honey vinaigrette

Cracklin' Crusted Sticky Pork Belly 

            Crispy bacon fat whipped sweet potato cake. Grilled pineapple & three mustard glaze

Vanilla & Black Magic Rum Cake

           Orange caramel icing

Notice: *these items can be prepared gluten-free. Please notify your server. 

Chef Juan Carlos likes to shake things up so this is a sample menu only. Menu updated November 6, 2017.