Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu 


try a few, they're meant to be shared

Soup du Jour     8

Varied cooking techniques. Farm fresh produce

Gumbo du Jour     8

Slow cooked stock with fresh local ingredients. Creole spiced mashed potatoes

Pork Cracklin'     1

Crispy pork skin... it is what it is

*Yellowfin Tuna Cones     8

Pineapple ceviche & basil avocado ice cream

*Pear & Pickled Grape Salad     7

           Calvados blanched pears. Citrus infused mascarpone, candied walnuts & local honey vinaigrette

Sweet Potato Beignets     6

Foie gras fondue & chicory coffee ganache 

Boudin Balls     4

Pickled okra mustard

Red Beans & Rice    7

Miss Tanya's red bean purée. Dirty rice wontons

24 Hour Smoked Pork Rillette     9

Bacon fat infused roasted garlic puree, spiced red onion marmalade, pork cracklin'

*Cochon de Lait Tamale     8

Pickled red onion, roasted jalapeno & cilantro crema


When you want something for yourself

*Blackened Redfish     28

Crawfish and corn risotto, confit garlic whipped cream

*Foie Gras Burger     24

Brioche bun, sunny-side up egg, duck bacon, foie gras fondue, foie gras ice cream root beer float

Citrus-Abita Glazed Quail     26

Cajun boudin stuffing, apple cider braised greens

Tasso Brined Pork Osso Bucco     25

Brandy braised carrots, goat cheese & thyme stone ground grits

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Braised Short Rib     22

Bourbon glazed local watermelon, red onion jam, Gorgonzola Dolce

*Crab Meat Pinon Stuffed Geaux Fish    34

        Ripe sweet plantains & Creole sauce Meuniere

Crispy Whole Fish (for two)     48

Fresh Louisiana gulf fish. Seasonal greens. Crystal hot sauce aioli 

Surf and Turf Steam Buns (for two)     38

24-hour smoked cochon de lait, crispy fried Louisiana oysters, cilantro & coconut slaw, Tabasco infused pineapple 

Chuletas Can-Can (for two)       54

Pork bacon chop, andouille dirty rice. Saffron pickled apples. 



to share...or not!   

Cherries Jubilee & White Chocolate Bread Pudding     8

House made vanilla bean ice cream (please allow 25 minutes)

Chocolate Coma Bar     9

Dark chocolate fudge brownie, white chocolate mousse, salted caramel & candied pecans covered in milk chocolate ganache 

Pecan Pie, Not Pie     7

Chocolate covered cracklin' & peanut butter whipped cream 

Plaquemine's Parish Citrus Biscuit Parfait     7

rum macerated satsumas, Navel oranges, Meyer lemons, crushed candied pecans


Notice: *these items can be prepared gluten-free. Please notify your server. 

Chef Juan Carlos likes to shake things up so this is a sample menu only. Menu updated February 26, 2018.